Create an unusual bridal bouquet such as this brooch bouquet. Or attempt a vibrant bouquet like this one made of buttons, charms and trinkets.Gather a collection of small ornaments, charm, trinkets and treasures – whatever you fancy for your bouquet. You can also incorporate old vintage objects such as brooches, jewelry, pins, and other family heirlooms. Finish off your bouquet with a ruffle of  silk or ribbon. Adorn the handle with criss-cross ribbon plaiting

Gather a few old skeleton keys and secure the names of your wedding guests to each key using a tag like this. Display the keys laid out in a vintage box for your guests to see so that they can pick out their key.

Create this whimsical effect with floating flower teapots. Fill a teapot with a beautiful arranged bouquet of flowers with its stalks secured in green sturdy foam and then suspend the teapots above your wedding tables.